I recently helped my daughter relocate to Nashville for a nursing job. She’s finished college. She’s single and full of optimism. These “young adult” years are the best time of life, in my opinion. She was radiant and couldn’t wait to see what new adventures would unfold in the days, weeks and months ahead.

I spoke to several parents who had already walked this path. We talked about what her future might look like. What new friends would she meet? What new skills would she add to her list of capabilities?

It was easy for me to imagine Sydney’s countless opportunities – the places she may travel, things she would see, new lessons she would learn.

The possibilities are endless!

This caused me to pause and reflect.

Why do we stop believing in ourselves? At what age do we stop believing in what is possible for ourselves? At what point do we simply “settle” for the life we have, rather than continue to aspire for the life of our dreams?

We are we such strong supporters of others—especially our children. We nurture their aspirations and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

Yet, we are the hardest critics and often completely absent when it comes to  encouraging our dreams, desires and possibilities.

Why do we chose to think, “My life will always be this way,” rather than “I can  totally accomplish whatever I want to.”

So many people have lost their belief in themselves. They’ve forgotten that they could possibly be the person who loses the weight, which they so desperately long to lose. Or, secure the job which they’ve always dreamed of working.

I wonder, is it that they’ve lost belief in themselves, or rather… is it that their lack of belief that’s holding them back?

When I pause to truly consider the matter, it’s easy to see that it’s not the weight, nor the job. Rather, it’s their waning belief in what’s really possible.

Then, awareness comes into place. Belief is still available to everyone. I can choose to believe in myself just as adamantly as I do in Sydney. I can start to believe in myself in this very moment, even today!  And, you can too!

I am deciding, TODAY, that my dreams are still available to me.

And… when my brain decides to tell me these beliefs are not an option, I have the power to say, “Thank you for your input, and for wanting to keep me safe – but I’ve got this,” and let those thoughts go.

Now is the time to be my greatest supporter and pursue my beliefs with the same level of interest, love and enthusiasm as I do for others. It is my choice and privilege to make my dreams come true and to nurture my belief.

The possibilities are still there, for all of us, and they are endless!

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