What is betrayal?

Betrayal: An intentional choice to violate one’s trust without their awareness. Betrayal is a one-sided decision which negatively impacts others.

Betrayal is one of the deepest emotional pains experienced. It’s often the root cause of marital problems and forever changes the person who was betrayed.

Betrayal is always rooted in shame because the act of betraying someone requires deceit. Like an undetected disease, it ultimately destroys trust and intimate relationships.

Marital betrayal is often associate with infidelity. This isn’t always the case.

Many betrayals occur that have nothing to do with sexual transgressions.

* Lying.

* Deliberately withholding information.

* Breaking a confidence / gossiping.

* Addiction drugs, alcohol or pornography.

* Excessive spending and misuse of family money.

* Hiding income and/or debt.

* Fostering romantic feelings and attachments while married.

* Choosing work over family.

* Choosing recreational activities/outlets over family.

The closer you are to the one who betrays you, the more significant the wound. This is because healthy relationships are built upon love and trust. When trust is intentionally shattered this makes the betrayal even more damaging.

Join me as I explore the different aspects of betrayal and how to create purposeful peace and healing.

Learn how to choose self-love over fear.

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