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I recently helped my daughter relocate to Nashville for a nursing job. She’s finished college. She’s single and full of optimism. These “young adult” years are the best time of life, in my opinion. She was radiant and couldn’t wait to see what new adventures would unfold in the days, weeks and months ahead. I spoke […]

When divorce is inevitable, the next question that needs to be answered is “Now What?” Getting a divorce requires you to make critical decisions at a time when you are feeling unsettled,   vulnerable and overwhelmed. This is why it’s important to create a strategy from the beginning which will support you in starting your journey […]

Betrayal What is betrayal? Betrayal: An intentional choice to violate one’s trust without their awareness. Betrayal is a one-sided decision which negatively impacts others. Betrayal is one of the deepest emotional pains experienced. It’s often the root cause of marital problems and forever changes the person who was betrayed. Betrayal is always rooted in shame […]

You Never Owe Anyone an Explanation for Anything Your Marriage is Your Marriage. Your Divorce is Your Divorce! There isn’t a right way to go through your divorce. There isn’t a “prescribed” timeline wherein a divorce “should be” completed. Every divorce scenario is unique. Rushed decisions often lead to regret. Just as a “one size […]

Why is it that divorced people often experience feelings of shame? Sometimes things simply don’t work out regardless of best efforts. Shame is an emotion that only exists when you’ve done something morally wrong. Divorce, while difficult, isn’t a shameful experience. Rather, your marital relationship has now come to a place of completion and you’re moving forward.  Marriage […]

Opinions are so fascinating. Everyone has them and most people will offer  them to you – whether you want them or not! At the end of the day, an opinion  is just another way of looking at the world. Right or wrong, good or bad,  sharing opinions is part of our human experience.   Other People’s […]

During divorce, it’s especially important to become aware of how your expectations are impacting your emotional wellbeing. The way you interacted  with your spouse when married will no longer be as it once was.   Holding onto expectations is a sure way to invite sadness, frustration and  disappointment into your life. Additionally, expectations often can lead to […]

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