Dispelling Divorce Shame

Why is it that divorced people often experience feelings of shame? Sometimes things simply don’t work out regardless of best efforts. Shame is an emotion that only exists when you’ve done something morally wrong. Divorce, while difficult, isn’t a shameful experience. Rather, your marital relationship has now come to a place of completion and you’re moving forward. 

Marriage Does Not Define Your Worthiness or Value 

Progress is only achieved through first hand experiences. Marriage is a first  hand experience. It is the ultimately learning space wherein we discover what works and doesn’t work when exploring an intimate relationship. Shame is a toxic emotion and one that never supports progress.  

What if we released the negativity associated with divorce and instead, met  ourselves from a place of grace and compassion? How would alter your feelings and support your healing process? 

As a divorced Christian woman, I believe that I am 100% worthy in God’s  eyes. I am His child. I choose to believe that God is accepting of my efforts  and continue to delights in my progress. I believe this about you too, friend!

Divorce Shame—Doesn’t Really Exist 

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